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ACSI Funds is an asset management firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Claes Fornell. Dr. Fornell is the Donald Cook Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan and is the world’s leading authority on measuring customer satisfaction and its relationship to company stock performance. ACSI has developed a proprietary process to measure customer satisfaction for over 350 companies in all areas of the US economy. This process combines information collected from over 100,000 customer interviews per year with a patented econometric model developed by Dr. Fornell to most effectively gauge the sentiments of the customers of each of the companies measured. ACSI Funds utilizes this differentiated view to build a diversified portfolio of companies with the highest level of customer satisfaction in the US economy.

Customer Satisfaction

Advances in technology and academic research have deepened the discussion around the causes of a company’s stock performance. Cutting-edge marketing research gets in front of the balance sheet to show that intangible factors can be viable indicators of a company’s financial performance. Above all other intangible assets, customer satisfaction is widely recognized as essential to any firm’s success in competitive markets. Customer satisfaction has been shown to impact earnings, return on investment, return on assets, and cash flows. When viewed as a valuable off-balance-sheet asset, satisfaction – as measured by ACSI – affects valuation and long term stock appreciation. Over the long term, customer satisfaction is key to improving loyalty and perpetuating consumer spending which drives company revenue and ultimately stock price. In short, companies that treat their customers well position themselves to produce better returns to investors.

Exponential ETFs

Exponential ETFs is an issuer of funds designed to bring next generation thought to the ETF industry. Exponential ETFs offers exchange traded funds in partnership with select asset managers. These managers are chosen for their ability to utilize differentiated approaches to investing that provide superior results for Exponential ETF investors. Backed by over 30 years of ETF industry expertise, Exponential ETFs are built and managed using the industry’s best practices, and are overseen by an experienced product management team and an industry leading capital markets infrastructure. Exponential is wholly owned by ACSI Funds.

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Exponential ETFs manages the American Customer Satisfaction Core Alpha ETF (ticker: ACSI).


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Exponential ETFs manages the Brand Value ETF (ticker: BVAL).

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