ACSI Funds investment foundation is rooted in economic research, and supported by decades of academic studies, that demonstrates that companies with satisfied customers tend to do better for their shareholders than companies with less satisfied customers. Customers have insight regarding the performance of companies prior to that which is known to the financial and investment community, and company earnings tend to follow customer satisfaction and customer retention trends.

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Since April 2000, ACSI Funds has managed the CSat Classic-Long/Short Hedge Fund. The fund invests in large-cap equity securities traded on US stock exchanges and measured in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Investment decisions are based on data and analysis of ACSI, developed by Professor Claes Fornell, the founder of both ACSI and co-founder of ACSI Funds. If you are a qualified investor looking to find out more about ACSI Funds Hedge Fund offering please contact our Investor Relations Team at 734-821-6872.

Since November 2016 ACSI Funds has managed the American Customer Satisfaction Core Alpha (ticker: ACSI) exchange traded fund. For more information on this strategy please click here: